HSP90: Tables

Table 1: Human and mouse orthologs of Hsp90α1 (HspC1)

Human Mouse
Entreze Gene 3320 15519
Ensembl ENST00000216281 ENSMUST00000021698
UniProt P07900 P07901
Reference sequence (mRNA) NM_001017963.2 NM_010480.5
Reference sequence (Protein) NP_001017963.2 NP_034610.1
Gene locus Chr 14:102,547,075-102,606,086  Chr 12: 110,691,036-110,696,395
Pfam PF00183 PF00183

Table 2: HSP90s of various pro- and eukaryotic organisms

Gene Protein Aliases UniPort ID Gene ID
HSP90AA1 (HSPC1) HspC1 Hsp90α1, Hsp90AA1, Hsp86, HspCA, Hsp89, Hsp90A, renal carcinoma antigen NY-REN-38 P07900 3320
HSP90AA2 (HSPC2) HspC2 Hsp90α2, Hsp90AA2, Hsp90α-like 3, HspCA Q14568 3324
HSP90AB1 (HSPC3) HspC3 Hsp90β, Hsp90AB1, Hsp84, HSP90B, HspCB P08238 3326
HSP90B1 (HSPC4) HspC4 Endoplasmin, Grp94, Gp96, Tra-1, Hsp90B1 P14625 7184
TRAP1 (HSPC5) HspC5 Trap-1, Hsp75, Hsp90L Q12931 10131
D. rerio
hsp90a1 Hsp90α1 Slo, sloth, akineto, heat shock protein 90-alpha 1 Q90474 30591
hsp90a2 Hsp90α2 heat shock protein HSP 90-alpha, heat shock protein 90-alpha 2 Q5RG12 565155
hsp90ab1 Hsp90β HSP90-beta, heat shock protein 90-beta; heat shock protein 90kDa alpha, class B member 1 O57521 30573
D. melanogaster
Hsp83 Hsp83 HSP82 P02828 38389
D. auraria
Hsp83 Hsp83 HSP82 O02192 FBgn0020208
D. pseudoobscura
Hsp83 Hsp83 HSP82 P04809 4813013
S. cerevisiae
HSP82 Hsp82 Hsp90 heat-inducible isoform P02829 855836
HSC82 Hsc82 Hsp90 constitutive isoform P15108 855224
C. albicans
HSP90 Hsp90 homolog heat shock protein; similar to P. anserina ModE1 which affects sexual cycle and suppresses vegetative incompatibility P46598 3636951
A. thaliana
HSP90-1 AtHsp90-1 AtHsp90.1, Hsp81-1, Hsp83 P27323 835341
HSP90-2 AtHsp90-2 AtHsp90.2, Hsp81-2 P55737 835701
HSP90-3 AtHsp90-3 AtHsp90.3, Hsp81.2, Hsp81-3 P51818 835699
HSP90-4 AtHsp90-4 AtHsp90.4, Hsp81-4 O03986 835698
HSP90-5 AtHsp90-5 AtHsp90.5, Hsp88.1, Hsp90.5, cpHsp90, At2g04030/F3C11.14, chaperone protein htpG family protein Q9SIF2 814930
HSP90-6 AtHsp90-6 AtHsp90.6, Hsp89.1, Hsp90.6, F4JFN3 819968
HSP90-7 AtHsp90-7 Endoplasmin homolog, Grp94 homolog, AtHsp90.7, shepherd, Hsp90-like protein 7 Q9STX5 828520
htpG HtpG HspC62.5, high temperature protein G P0A6Z3 12932977
Green Algae
C. reinhardtii
HSP90A CrHsp90A Hsp90A A8J1U1 5720819
HSP90B CrHsp90B Hsp90B A8I7T1 5727295
HSP90C CrHsp90C Hsp90C Q66T67 5728553