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Hsp90 Research Products from StressMarq Biosciences

StressMarq Biosciences is a bioreagents company based in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and encompasses what is probably the most experienced combined commercial and scientific heat shock and cellular stress community worldwide. StressMarq draws from the scientific excellence and history inherent in its scientific community, and aims to provide and serve that community with high value bioreagents in the stress-related fields.


Monoclonal Polyclonal
Hsp90 Antibody, clone H9010 Hsp90 Antibody, Rabbit polyclonal
Hsp90 Antibody, clone AC-16 Hsp90 Antibody (P.falciparum), Rabbit polyclonal
Hsp90 Antibody, clone D7A Hsp90 Antibody (salmon), Rabbit polyclonal
Hsp90 (total) Antibody, clone 4F3.E8 Hsp90β Antibody, Rabbit polyclonal
Hsp90 (complex) Antibody, clone 8D3 Hsp90C Antibody (plant), Rabbit polyclonal
Hsp90α Antibody, clone Hyb-K41009 Grp94 Antibody, Rabbit Polyclonal
Hsp90α Antibody, clone 2G5.G3 Sti1p (Hop) Antibody, Rabbit Polyclonal
Hsp90β Antibody, clone Hyb-K3701 TRAP1 Antibody, Rabbit Polyclonal
Hsp90αβ Antibody, clone Hyb-K41220A
Grp94 Antibody, clone 9G10
p23 Antibody, clone JJ6
TRAP1 Antibody, (clone: 3H4-2H6)
TRAP1 Antibody, (clone: Trap1-6)

StressMarq’s complete antibody portfolio is available conjugated to Alkaline Phosphatase, HRP, Biotin and Streptavidin as well as 13 fluorescent dyes.

Hsp90 Kits

Hsp90α StressXpress® ELISA Kit

Hsp90 Proteins

Human Hsp90α Recombinant Protein
Human Hsp90β Recombinant Protein (Active, Endotoxin Free)
P. Falciparum Hsp90 Recombinant Partial Protein
Human p23 Recombinant Protein (Native, Active)

Hsp90 Small Molecules

Herbimycin A